deep groove ball bearing

Deep groove ball bearings are composed of rings, steel balls, cages and other parts

In addition to radial loads, axial loads in both directions can also be accommodated

Its advantage is that the friction torque is small, and it is suitable for high speed, low noise and low vibration

Bearing part No
Bearing series code
② cage introduction
plastic cage

· Better mute performance
· Long lifetime
· Higher rotational speed
· Good diamagnetism

W cage1
steel cage

· Higher strength and good
   shock resistance
· Good oil resistance

③ Shiled/seal introduction
⑤ Noise level introduction
  • All noise levels comply with Chinese national standards
  • Z1 Suitable for general industrial machinery with no required for high silence performance
  • Z2 Suitable for general industrial motors with definite requirements for silent performance
  • Z3,Z4 Suitable for home appliances and motors, with high requirements for silent performance