Industry application information

General motor

General motors are widely used as a power source for various types of machinery.For example, in the pump industry, production equipment, agricultural equipment, etc.

We have developed ball and roller bearings with low noise, long life and high energy efficiency for general-purpose motors.

Bearing series: Ball bearing, cylindrical rollers and other bearings

Household appliances

In the field of home appliances such as air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, hair dryers, and vacuum cleaners,

our company has developed ultra-quiet, low-torque, long-life, high-rotation ball bearings based on our rich design experience and precise manufacturing technology.

Bearing series: deep groove ball bearings

Cooling fan

Cooling fans are widely used in home appliances, computers, computer rooms and other fields.

Our company has developed small and micro ball bearings with high speed, low noise ,long life and High-precision beaings for cooling fans.

Product series: miniature or miniature deep groove ball bearings

Power tool

Power tool industry products, such as angle grinders, charging drills, sanding machines and woodworking tools and other products have high speed, harsh working environment and other situations,

so for this industry, our company has developed bearings with high speed, good sealing, long life and other properties.

Product series: miniature or miniature deep groove ball bearings

Gear box

Gearboxes are widely used in automobiles, construction machinery, production equipment and other fields, 

their working environment has the characteristics of large load and narrow space,so our company has developed high load, long life and thin-walled bearings.

Product series: deep groove balls, angular contact balls, needle rollers, tapered rollers, cylindrical rollers and other bearings