Special bearing
Creep free deep groove ball bearing
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bearing No:

6201ORN662ZC3Z4   SRLS

OR: bearings with O-rings

Two rubber(material:NBR) O-rings are mounted on the outer ring of the bearing;Creep is prevented by limiting the amount of clearance between the outer ring and housing

High temperature resistant bearings

We have carried out special heat treatment on the bearing steel to ensure that the bearing size does not undergo permanent deformation and the bearing hardness does not change.  At the same time, we also use fluorine  grease to ensure that the bearings have a longer lifetime when used in high-temperature environments.

Bearing No
6201N662ZC3Z4S15   SRLS
S15:high temperature resistant bearing

There are currently three specifications available

S15:Maximum operating temperature of 150 ℃

S18:Maximum operating temperature of 180 ℃

S20:Maximum operating temperature of 200 ℃