Stainless bearing

Application in corrosive or humid environments

For industries with corrosive gases or liquids such as semiconductor equipment, or industries with humid environments such as oxygenators for fisheries, bearings are prone to rusting. Therefore, for these special purposes, we have developed stainless steel bearings with high corrosion resistance.

Bearing introduce
material of bearing parts
◆ Bearing full No

① Bearing basic No:
     for example: 608,6000

② Material Code:
     general material: code omitted
     -S9C: stainless steel

③ Cage:
     steel cage: code omitted;
     N66: plastic cage, material: nylon 66

④ Shield/seal
     2Z: dual side steel shield
     2RZ: dual side rubber seal, material: NBR;
     2RS: dual side rubber seal, material: NBR

⑤ radial clearance

⑥ noise level:
     R1(standrad), R2(General motor),                       R3(Home electric motor)

⑦ accuracy class

⑧ Grease code

⑨ Grease filling specifications

Corrosion resistance experiment

Experimental condition

· Salt spray test: GB/T 10125-2021
· Experimental solution: 5%NaCl
· Test time: 1hour;
· Temperature:35℃;

◆ Bearing Life Experiment

experimental condition

· bearing:608
· Fr=38kgf,Fa=3kgf;
· n=3000rpm;
· T=90℃;

The experimental results indicate that the lifespan of stainless steel bearings is comparable to that of standard bearings